Blake Hall from the northeast, reflected in a puddle in the parking lot


IPSR research spans the social science disciplines and includes interdisciplinary work with scholars in the natural sciences, humanities, and applied sciences. We conduct and support social science and policy-relevant research. And we aim to cultivate community and connections across and beyond KU to help researchers advance their agendas.

IPSR's research includes work initiated by our faculty affiliates and our research centers as well as our staff. In addition to helping researchers develop and fund their agendas, we aim to support researchers by removing as much administrative burden from them and by providing data services to enable or enhance their work. We help disseminate research through communications, events, and support for publications. Learn more about our research services.

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Visit the IPSR Data Library for resources like the Kansas Statistical Abstract, the Kansas Regional Data Portal, the Kansas Economic Policy Conference, and more.
Solar farms and direct normal solar resources in Kansas