Evaluation Services

Evaluations help a research team ensure that their work is rigorous, transparent, and significant.

Evaluation Design 

Our team supports faculty research from initial stages by developing evaluation plans and supporting grant writing. Our evaluation plans include the development of logic models, indicator tables, and performance measures that meet grant objectives and position faculty for scientific discovery. We also develop qualitative and quantitative data collection instruments.

Evaluations we design are inclusive. They honor diversity and respect cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic diversity.

Data Collection

Depending on faculty needs, we can lead data collection efforts – facilitate focus groups, scrape public websites, administer surveys – or support research teams in collecting their own data.

Data Management

We use a variety of statistical programs to clean and manage data and ensure it is well managed for sharing with research teams. We work with primary and secondary data, including big and complex data.

Data Analysis

Our expertise covers both qualitative and quantitative data analysis, including:

  • Thematic analysis
  • Bivariate analysis
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Regression models
  • Propensity score matching

We use best practices when developing models to ensure their validity.

Data Visualization

Our team can create fixed or interactive figures and tables that display many scales and types of data (print or web-based). We can also design high-quality infographics for dissemination purposes.


Our formative and summative reporting maps back to the project’s logic model and performance measures. Our summative reports are designed in Adobe InDesign and polished for dissemination.

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