IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows

The Institute for Policy & Social Research Doctoral Research Fellows Program helps develop the next generation of KU interdisciplinary social science scholars. This program provides a select group of graduate students with training and support in interdisciplinary social science research skills. The program also creates a community of graduate students across the social sciences to support each other at KU and in the future.

Program participants meet throughout the academic year to share research plans and findings, gain knowledge of interdisciplinary social science research methods, skills, and analysis, and share experiences and knowledge associated with their graduate studies. The program concludes with research presentations to the KU community. Upon completion, participants will be designated IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows.


KU students enrolled in a doctoral program are eligible for the program. We encourage participation in the second through fourth years of a program. Advanced doctoral students tend to submit more competitive applications because they have had time to demonstrate their commitment to interdisciplinary work through research and writing.

Students from any doctoral program/PhD program at KU can participate in this program regardless of school as long as their research uses a social science perspective. Students from fields that incorporate social science methods and theory are welcome, including from education, journalism, public policy, and social welfare.

Faculty nominators should be IPSR affiliates. Should a faculty member wish to become an IPSR affiliate, please contact us at IPSR@ku.edu.

Selection Process

The application cycle is announced annually in March for the subsequent academic year. IPSR faculty affiliates nominate students for the program. Nominated students are invited to prepare an online application that includes a brief CV and statement of interest. The full application is due in May. A committee of doctoral fellows evaluate applications. Students are notified of their application status in late summer.

The committee reviews applications for the interest a student demonstrates in the program, the strength of the nomination letter, and the interest a student demonstrates in interdisciplinary engagement.

Nominees can apply more than once. Previous applications are not considered in the selection process.

Program Curriculum

Fellows help set the program curriculum based on their needs and interest. In recent years, fellows have learned about:

  • Networking and Conferencing
  • Preparing for Academic Job Talks
  • Non-Academic Jobs for PhDs
  • Building Interdisciplinary Collaborations
  • Evaluating Secondary Data
  • Research Participant Protections
  • External Grant Writing

After the Program

After completing the program, IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows are invited to attend sessions in subsequent years while enrolled at KU to refresh their skills. Fellows review the subsequent year’s applicants, provide feedback to improve the program, and informally mentor future Fellows.

IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows, 2023–2024

  • Jennifer Babitzke, Sociology
  • Noelle Broughton, Public Affairs & Administration
  • Mohsen Fatemi, Public Affairs & Administration
  • Senjuti Mallik, Geography & Atmospheric Science
  • Sreerupa Sanyal, Communication Studies
  • Heeyoun Shin, Sociology
  • Tatsuya Suzuki, Communication Studies
  • Christabel Tsoto, Geography & Atmospheric Science
  • Marie Wagner, Special Education
  • Derek Wilson, Sociology
  • Yiwen Wu, Public Affairs & Administration

Fellows say:

  • "I feel more well-rounded as an academic and better equipped as a young scholar to finish my dissertation and to enter the job market. Thank you!"

  • "I have gained valuable insight into successful navigation of the job market and routes to achieving professional academic goals."

  • "Being surrounded by people who were at different stages of their research was really instructive in seeing what worked for some people and what issues seemed to be part of the dissertation process."

IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows, 2013–2024

IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows, 2013–2024
NameDepartmentAdvisor NameYear
Linda ChimwemweSocial WelfareJuliana Carlson2021-22
Cora CatonPolitical ScienceNazli Avdan2021-22
Brigid EnchillFrench, Francophone & Italian StudiesVan Kelly and Kimberly Swanson2021-22
Matt EricksonSociologyChangHwan Kim2021-22
John Paul HenryGeographyShannon O'Lear2021-22
Suman RathSpecial EducationTom Skrtic2021-22
Darcy SullivanSociologyJarron Saint Onge2021-22
Carolisa WatsonGeographyAlex Diener2021-22
Haoyi WeiEconomicsDonna Ginther2021-22
Sifat AdiyaEconomicsDonna Ginther2019-20
Daniel AlvordSociologyDavid Smith2014-15
Shola AromonaJournalism and Mass CommunicationPeter Bobkowski2020-21
Darlingtina Kenechi AtakerePsychology and GerontologyTamara Baker2018-19
Daniel Bagheri-SarvestaniAnthropologyBrent Metz2020-21
Maggie BenekeSpecial EducationGregory Cheatham2015-16
Natasha BharjSocial PsychologyGlenn Adams2017-18
Jeannette BlackmarPublic Affairs & AdministrationSteven Maynard-Moody2014-15
Julia BrandesEconomicsDietrich Earnhart2013-14
Carolina Costa CandalPolitical ScienceAlesha Doan2017-18
Mathilde CecchiniPolitical ScienceGitte Sommer Harrits and Steven Maynard-MoodyFall 2015
Kyle ChapmanSociologyDavid Ekerdt2015-16
Matt ComiSociologyPaul Stock2018-19
Mariah CrystalWomen, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesHannah Britton2018-19
Ryan DaughertyPolitical ScienceGary Reich2016-17
Rachel DenneyWomen, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesHannah Britton2015-16
Pere DeRoyWomen, Gender and Sexuality StudiesHannah Britton2020-21
Jean EichhorstGeography and Atmospheric ScienceBarney Warf2016-17
Morgan FarnworthPublic Affairs & AdministrationRachel Krause2019-20
Duncan FriendPublic Affairs & AdministrationCharles Epp2017-18
Andrea Gómez CervantesSociologyCecilia Menjívar2016-17
Katie GroteGeographyJay T. Johnson2020-21
Jyleesa HamptonPublic Affairs & AdministrationShannon Portillo2020-21
Tamara HandySpecial EducationElizabeth Kozleski and Tom Skrtic2016-17
Elise HigginsWomen, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesAlesha Doan2019-20
Cynthia HogleJournalism and Mass CommunicationsThomas Volek2015-16
Natalie HoskinsCommunication StudiesAdrianne Kunkel2016-17
Nicole HumphreyPublic Affairs & AdministrationShannon Portillo2018-19
Terilyn HuntingtonPolitical ScienceBrent Steele and Mariya Omelicheva2014-15
Robin KempfPublic Affairs & AdministrationCharles R. Epp2013-14
Emily KennedySociologyJoane Nagel2013-14
Josephine KipgenWomen, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesHannah Britton2017-18
Finn LeaseWomen, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesAlesha Doan2013-14
Grace LeuSpecial Education, School of EducationElizabeth Kozleski2019-20
Gregory LeungEconomicsDavid Slusky2018-19
Jacob LongakerPolitical ScienceGary Reich2013-14
Kafayat MahmoudSociology and GerontologyDave Ekerdt and Jarron Saint Onge2020-21
Katrina McClureGeographyJay T. Johnson2013-14
Courtney McDanielCommunication StudiesAdrianne Kunkel2019-20
Amanda MillerSpecial EducationJennifer Kurth2017-18
Felicia MitchellSocial WelfareMichelle Johnson-Motoyama2015-16
Jungrim MoonSocial WelfareMichelle Johnson-Motoyama2017-18
Alex MyersSociologyBill Staples2015-16
Haruka NagaoPolitical ScienceJohn Kennedy2019-20
Nicolas NatchooCurriculum & Teaching, School of EducationHeidi Hallman2018-19
ByeongDon OhSociologyChangHwan Kim2017-18
Cassandra OseiPublic Affairs & AdministrationDorothy Daley2018-19
Young-Shin (Angela) ParkPublic Affairs & AdministrationRachel Krause2016-17
Justin PreddieSocial PsychologyLudwin Molina2019-20
William ProffittSpecial EducationElizabeth Kozleski2020-21
Marcy QuiasonWomen, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesHannah Britton2016-17
Zach RaffEconomicsDietrich Earnhart2014-15
Saatvika (Vika) RaiPolitical ScienceDorothy Daley2013-14
Johannah RamirezPsychologyCharlene Muehlenhard2020-21
Virginia Ramseyer WinterSocial WelfareMargaret Severson2014-15
April RandSocial WelfareMargaret Severson and Hannah Britton2013-14
Suman RathSpecial EducationTom Skrtic2021-22
Tony ReamesPublic Affairs & AdministrationSteven Maynard-Moody2013-14
Corinne SchwarzWomen, Gender and Sexuality StudiesAlesha Doan2014-15
Darcy SullivanSociologyJarron Saint Onge2021-22
Silvia (Sánchez Díaz) TappanAnthropologyBrent Metz2017-18
Brock TernesSociologyPaul Stock2014-15
David TrimbachGeographyShannon O'Lear2014-15
Scott TuttleSociologyChangHwan Kim2019-20
Laura Van BerkelPsychologyChris Crandall2015-16
Manuel Alejandro Pulido VelásquezEconomicsDonna Ginther2015-16
Emily Hedges ViettiCommunication StudiesMary Banwart2017-18
Hoa VuEconomicsDavid Slusky2020-21
Victoria WalseyGeographyJay Johnson2015-16
Carolisa WatsonGeography & Atmospheric ScienceAlex Diener2021-22
Haoyi WeiEconomicsDonna Ginther2021-22
Tsung-han WengCurriculum & TeachingPaul Markham and Steven White2020-21
Courtney WiltSpecial EducationSubini Ancy Annamma2018-19
Carlos ZambranaEconomicsDonna Ginther2016-17
D'Arlyn BellPublic Affairs & AdministrationCharles Epp


April DiazSocial WelfareMeg Paceley2022-23
Sam KendrickSociologyJoane Nagel2022-23
Andrew KimSociologyChangHwan Kim2022-23
Rigao LiuPolitical ScienceJohn James Kennedy2022-23
Shawna Shipley-GatesWomen, Gender & Sexuality StudiesAyesha Hardison2022-23
Srishti SlariaEconomicsTsvetan Tsvetanov2022-23
Maggie SwensonPublic Affairs & AdministrationDorothy Daley2022-23
Kelechi WrightSocial Welfare 2022-23
Jennifer BabitzkeSociologyTracey LaPierre2023-24
Noelle BroughtonPublic Affairs & AdministrationDorothy Daley2023-24
Mohsen FatemiPublic Affairs & AdministrationRachel Krause2023-24
Senjuti MallikGeography & Atmospheric ScienceBarney Warf2023-24
Sreerupa SanyalCommunication StudiesAshley Muddiman2023-24
Heeyoun ShinSociologyChangHwan Kim2023-24
Tatsuya SuzukiCommunication StudiesAlcides Velasquez2023-24
Christabel TsotoGeography & Atmospheric ScienceJay T. Johnson2023-24
Marie WagnerSpecial EducationWayne Sailor & Elizabeth Kozleski2023-24
Derek WilsonSociology & GerontologyBrian Donovan & Sarah Jen2023-24
Yiwen WuPublic Affairs & AdministrationWard Lyles2023-24

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