Annual Report

IPSR publishes annual reports each year describing the state of the organization and our accomplishments over the previous fiscal year.

IPSR Annual Report, 2019-20

We welcomed new director Donna K. Ginther. Our staff began working remotely at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We developed a repository of resources on the pandemic. Staff worked for a complete count for the 2020 Census, supported our research centers, and helped secure $3.8 million across 22 new awards.

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IPSR Annual Report, 2020-21

During the continued COVID-19 pandemic, IPSR staff analyzed and published data on the economic and health crises evolving in Kansas and the US. Affiliates submitted 86 proposals. We celebrated the retirement of longtime staff member Larry Hoyle, who ended his forty-year career in December 2020.

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IPSR Annual Report, 2021-22

This year, IPSR affiliates secured 35 new awards with over $7 million in new funding. Staff received honors at the state and university level for their distinguished service. Research centers connected with academic and public communities in new ways. We bid two staff members farewell and welcomed a new staff member.

Annual Report, 2021-22 (StoryMap)