Center for Research on Global Change

This site is an archive of the activities of the Center for Research on Global Change and the NSF C-CHANGE IGERT project.

The Center for Research on Global Change supported projects that fostered collaborations among social scientists and connected them with their colleagues in the humanities, natural sciences, arts, engineering, and professional schools. 

The major project of the Center was an interdisciplinary training program for Ph.D. students in global climate change studies; this project was a collaboration among several organizations:

  • University of Kansas research centers: Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets, Biodiversity Institute, and the Institute for Policy & Social Research
  • Haskell Indian Nations University's Haskell Environmental Research Studies Center
  • National Autonomous University of Mexico Center for Ecosystem Research
  • University of Copenhagen Center for Ice and Climate

Faculty & Staff

  • Joane Nagel, Director and Distinguished Professor, Sociology
  • Natalie Parker, Assistant Director, C-CHANGE Project Coordinator
  • Glenn Adams, Psychology
  • Elizabeth Asiedu, Economics
  • Victor Bailey, History, Director, Hall Center for the Humanities
  • Hannah Britton, Political Science/Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
  • J. Christopher Brown, Geography/Environmental Studies
  • Ann Cudd, Philosophy/Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
  • Dorothy Daley, Political Science/Environmental Studies
  • Dietrich Earnhart, Economics
  • Charles Epp, Public Administration
  • Jane Gibson, Anthropology
  • Eric Hanley, Sociology
  • Jay T. Johnson, Geography/Indigenous Studies
  • Ebenezer Obadare, Sociology
  • Stacey Swearingen White, Urban Planning

KU Collaborations