The Institute for Policy & Social Research is a faculty-driven research center supporting social scientists who focus on social problems and policy-relevant questions. IPSR fosters independent researchers and collaborative teams within our network of faculty affiliates and six interdisciplinary research centers.

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Announcing the 2018-19 Doctoral Research Fellows

IPSR is excited to announce the next cohort of participants in our Doctoral Research Fellows Program! Congratulations to Darlingtina Atakere (Psychology and Gerontology), Matt Comi (Sociology), Mariah Crystal, (Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies), Nicole Humphrey (School of Public Affairs & Administration), Gregory Leung (Economics), Nicholas Natchoo (Curriculum & Teaching), Cassandra Osei (School of Public Affairs & Administration), and Courtney Wilt (Special Education). This cohort will begin the program in the fall. The Doctoral Research Fellows Program helps to develop the next generation of interdisciplinary social science scholars by providing training and support. Fellows will meet approximately twice each month throughout the academic year to discuss research progress, gain skills in interdisciplinary research methods, and share experience and knowledge.

Teachers use real challenges to interest students in health sciences

The T-SCORE Summer Institute, co-led by KC-AERC, trains Kansas City and Wichita teachers to design problem-based lessons focused on health. By engaging students in real issues, the project team aims to broaden participation in health science fields.

New Assistant Director for IPSR

We are pleased to announce that Jena Gunter has accepted the position of Assistant Director for IPSR. Jena joined the Institute in 2014. In her current position as Research Project Coordinator, she provides direct support for all research projects managed by IPSR, plans and executes IPSR's events and supervises a portion of IPSR's staff, among other responsibilities. As a result, she is deeply familiar with the work of our PIs, graduate students and staff. She approaches her tasks with creativity, dedication, and expertise. She consistently demonstrates strategic vision as well as the skills necessary to implement that vision. I know she will bring these same skills to her new position. Jena's first day as IPSR's Assistant Director is Monday, July 9. In the coming weeks, we will be taking steps to ensure that the functions of her current role are covered so that our affiliates continue to receive a high level of service.

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Research Spotlight

Ward Lyles’ current project studies local decision-making aimed at mitigating natural hazards and damages due to disasters, such as flooding and hurricanes. The increasing number of major disasters in recent decades makes conversations important surrounding the development of communities locally and how these decisions can have implications at the state and national level. Part of his research portfolio focuses on cultivating compassion in urban planning. To understand how to increase compassion and sustainability in reducing hazard risks requires closer attention to decision-making at the local level alongside studies of federal and state policy interventions and technical solutions.

The program will promote classroom teaching, online learning, informal learning and personal growth through opportunities such as conferences, seminars and in-person training. These activities will build a future generation of hazard mitigation advocates from across disciplines. 

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Kansas Statistical Abstract 2015   
The 51st Edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract is now available! The abstract is available EXCLUSIVELY online as a PDF file with individual pages available in Microsoft Excel and PDF. For more information and access to the data, please visit

The Kansas Statistical Abstract was featured in a radio spot on the Jayhawk Radio Network, tune in or click the button below to play the clip now:

Recent Events

The Crime-Terror Intersections and Intelligence-Led Responses

April 19, 2018
Kansas Union

Video recordings of each session are now available here.

2017 Kansas Economic Policy Conference

Thursday, October 26, 2017

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Recent Publications

Maynard-Moody, Steven with Charles Epp and Donald Haider-Markel,“Beyond Profiling: The Institutional Sources of Racial Disparities in Policing,” Public Administration Review (forthcoming).

Maynard-Moody, Steven, “Punishing the Poor.” Book review essay, Social Service Review, vol. 90, no. 4 (Dec 2016).

Maynard-Moody, Steven with Michael Musheno, “'Playing the Rules’: Discretion Social and Policy Context”. In Peter Hupe, Michael Hill, and Aurélien Buffat, eds., Understanding Street-Level Bureaucrats (Bristol, UK: The Policy Press, 2016).

Schwarz, Corinne, Erik Unruh, Katie Cronin, Sarah Evans-Simpson, Hannah Britton, and Megha Ramaswamy. “Human Trafficking Identification and Service Provision in the Medical and Social Service Sectors.” 2016. Health and Human Rights Journal 18(1): 181-191.

Ginther, Donna K., Pat Oslund, Genna Hurd, and Xan Wedel. The Status of Women in Kansas and the Bi-State Region, sponsored by The Women's Foundation, February 2016.

Schwarz, Corinne and Hannah Britton. “Queering the Support for Trafficked Persons: LGBTQ Communities and Human Trafficking in the Heartland.” 2015. Social Inclusion 3(1): 63-75.

Weller, Travis and Allison C. Reeve. "Empirical Legal Research Support Services: A Survey of Academic Law Libraries", Law Library Journal, 107:3, 2015

Weller, Travis and Amalia Monroe-Gulick. "Differences in the Data Practices, Challenges, and Future Needs of Graduate Students and Faculty Members", Journal of eScience Librarianship, 4:1, 2015, DOI: 10.7191/jeslib.2015.1070

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