IPSR Staff

Patricia Oslund

Associate Researcher
316 Blake Hall
(785) 864-9108
email: poslund@ku.edu

Photo of Pat Oslund

Pat Oslund has been with the Institute since 1986.

M.A., Economics, University of Kansas.

Current Areas of Research

  • Kansas business costs and taxes
  • Impacts of highway infrastructure
  • Impacts of digital video

Sample Publications

  • Business Taxes and Costs: A Cross-State Comparison, 1999 Update. Pat Oslund and Brian Harris. (November 1999) Kansas Inc.
  • "Corporation Income and Franchise Taxes," Ch. 10 in Handbook on Taxation by W. Bartley Hildreth and James A. Richardson. (New York; Marcel Dekker, 1999)
  • Benefits and Costs of the Kansas Comprehensive Highway Program. Pat Oslund and David Burress. (January 1999) Kansas Department of Transportation

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