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Leveling the Internet Playing Field

Connecting Kansas Schools and Libraries in Small, Poor,
Rural, and Widespread Areas

Prepared for the
Kansas Task Force on Internet Access

Prepared by:

David Burress
Research Economist

October 1996 Report No. 229F


This report deals with inequality in Internet access in Kansan public libraries and schools. It provides empirical findings and discusses possible policy actions.

Many public libraries and school districts are slow to adopt Internet connections, while some are more rapid. This difference is leading to an inequity between students and library patrons in different districts, leading to a competitive disadvantage for those students, at least in the short run and possibly in the long run. This inequity could be overcome by means of state government action in the form of cost-sharing. This report estimates the costs that would be involved.

This report relies on several important assumptions and findings from other reports in this series. In particular:

The findings of this report include these:

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