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Research into online security for public internet users expands to examine effects of COVID-19

NSF has awarded researchers Bill Staples, Perry Alexander, and Drew Davidson a $200,000 grant to extend their research on the experience of public internet users to investigate how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting these users.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/ku-research-online-security-public-internet-users-expands-examine-effects-covid-19

NSF funds Abigail Barefoot's research on restorative justice

Abigail Barefoot, doctoral student in women, gender & sexuality studies, received $17,479 from the NSF Law & Science Program to study participants' experiences with restorative justice practices. Akiko Takeyama, associate professor of women, gender & sexuality studies and Barefoot's adviser, will supervise the research.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2020/06/24/graduate-student-awarded-nsf-funding-explore-use-restorative-justice-respond-sexual

Successes and challenges of ending gender-based violence chronicled in Britton's new book

Hannah Britton has published "Ending Gender-Based Violence: Justice and Community in South Africa" (University of Illinois Press). The book chronicles successes and challenges of service providers, activists and leaders trying to address violence against women in South Africa. Britton hopes past lessons learned can now be applied to ending this worldwide pattern.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2020/05/05/successes-and-challenges-ending-gender-based-violence-chronicled-new-book

Grant will fund research to safeguard public internet users

A team of researchers at the University of Kansas has coined the term "digitally homeless" to describe the experiences of public internet users. Led by Bill Staples, professor of sociology and director of the Surveillance Studies Research Center; Perry Alexander, AT&T Foundation Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and director of the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center; and Drew Davidson, assistant professor of electrical engineering & computer science, the team has recently been awarded a new grant from the National Science Foundation titled "Safeguarding and Enhancing the Experience of Public Internet Users," funded through NSF's Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program. The two-year, $516,000 grant will support research about how public internet users navigate the internet and what security threats they face.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2020/04/07/grant-will-fund-research-safeguard-public-internet-users

When Experts Attack! featuring Xan Wedel

Listen to When Experts Attack! Episode 7, "Go ahead, fill out that Census form," to hear expert Xan Wedel share stories and information. There are billions of dollars at stake – seriously. In this conversation, recorded as notices were going out to households across the nation, data doyenne Xan Wedel says it's worth filling out the Census – that is if you like representation in the US House of Representatives and funding for schools.
Link(s): https://kansaspublicradio.org/when-experts-attack

IPSR operating remotely for Spring 2020

Following guidelines from the University of Kansas, the Institute for Policy & Social Research will be operating remotely for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. We will move events to online environments as possible and postpone or cancel events that don't work well in a virtual format. Should you need assistance with a grant proposal, please contact Nancy Cayton Myers (ncmyers@ku.edu). If you have questions about a sponsored research project please contact Jena Gunter (kujena@ku.edu). All other questions can be directed to ipsr@ku.edu or by calling 785-864-3701.
Link(s): https://coronavirus.ku.edu

Graduate student Matt Comi awarded NSF grant to study farmers' decisions about technology

The National Science Foundation's Science and Technology Studies program awarded a $15,150 grant to Matt Comi's project "Exploring on-farm innovation, environmental change, and rural livelihoods in the US hop industry." A doctoral candidate in sociology, Comi will explore how farmers persist – or not – in genuine decision-making about future iterations of their farms. Paul Stock, associate professor of sociology and environmental studies, will supervise his work.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2020/03/09/graduate-student-awarded-nsf-grant-study-farmers-decisions-about-technology

Mentoring significantly improves career outcomes for female economists, study finds

Women's advancement in most science disciplines has risen during this century, but that has not proven true for the field of economics. Donna K. Ginther, Dean's Professor of Economics and director, Institute of Policy & Social Research, has taken on that career challenge in hopes of helping her fellow female economists. Her chapter, "Mentoring matters for women in economics," co-written with Janet Currie, Francine Blau, and Rachel T.A. Carson, appears in the new book "Women in Economics" (CEPR Press).
Link(s): http://today.ku.edu/2020/03/04/mentoring-significantly-improves-career-outcomes-female-economists-study-finds

Donna K. Ginther to lead KU's Institute for Policy & Social Research

Donna K. Ginther, an economist with deep experience in social science and policy-relevant research, has been named director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research at the University of Kansas. Ginther, the Dean's Professor of Economics, has served as interim director of IPSR since longtime director Steven Maynard-Moody, professor in the School of Public Affairs & Administration, stepped down in May 2019.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/economics-professor-lead-kus-institute-policy-social-research

IPSR's Winter 2020 Newsletter: #WeAreTheWetlands, Sunflower State Service, and more

Read IPSR's Winter 2020 newsletter to learn about the #WeAreTheWetlands campaign, new grant funding for research on police decision-making, and service IPSR staff and affiliates are providing to the state of Kansas.
Link(s): http://ipsr.ku.edu/about/newsletter/IPSR_NewsletterWi20.pdf

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