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New research will explore renewable energy, water treatment, ammonia production to bolster rural resilience

A team of researchers, led by Mary Hill, University of Kansas professor of geology, won a $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation. The researchers will explore the economic viability of using renewable energy to increase usable water resources by treating degraded and unused water supplies, and produce ammonia that can both store energy and be used as fertilizer. They will study the potential of these innovations to create a multifaceted economic system able to sustain small town and rural communities and maintain needed agricultural production.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2019/10/17/new-research-will-explore-renewable-energy-water-treatment-ammonia-production-bolster

Kansas Economic Policy Conference to offer multiple perspectives on economic development

What are the factors that contribute to economic development? Can policy play a role in promoting economic growth? These questions will be discussed in this year's Kansas Economic Policy Conference, hosted by the Institute for Policy & Social Research on October 24. The conference will convene scholars, policymakers and experts in economic development to explore "What Counts for Economic Development in Kansas?" Presentations and discussions at the conference will offer a multifaceted view of this complex and critically important subject.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2019/10/14/kansas-economic-policy-conference-offer-multiple-perspectives-economic-development

Kansas Statistical Abstract offers insights on state population, life expectancy rates, and more

Sixty-eight of 105 counties in Kansas peaked in population before the Dust Bowl. The most recent Kansas Statistical Abstract includes this and other interesting facts about Kansas. The Institute for Policy & Social Research at the University of Kansas recently published the 53rd Edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract, which contains social and economic data broken down by state, county, and city.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2019/09/27/new-kansas-statistical-abstract-offers-insights-state-population-life-expectancy-rates

New conference strives to unite state's health economics community

With a $49,763 grant from the National Science Foundation, David Slusky, Associate Professor of Economics, will organize a series of conferences on health economics with a focus on Kansas. The inaugural Kansas Health Economics Conference will take place on March 23, 2020, and will gather researchers, students, and members of the wider health economics community. For more on these events, click the link below.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2019/09/03/new-conference-strives-unite-states-health-economics-community-2

NSF grant supports study on how state cuts to higher education affect research output

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $236,790 grant to the University of Kansas for Donna Ginther, professor of economics and interim director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research, to study the effects of research funding on research outputs. Ginther will collaborate with Joshua Rosenbloom, professor and chair of the Department of Economics at Iowa State University. "The Effect of State Disinvestment in Higher Education on Research Quality and Returns to Scale in Science Funding" was awarded through NSF's Science of Science and Innovation Policy program and also included $313,624 in funding for Iowa State. Read more at the links below.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2019/07/12/professor-will-examine-how-state-cuts-higher-education-affect-research-output

$1.4m NSF grant will support technology education for women post-incarceration

An interdisciplinary research team led by Hyunjin Seo, University of Kansas associate professor of digital/emerging media, Docking Faculty Scholar in the William Allen White School of Journalism & Mass Communications and fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, secured a $1.4 million National Science Foundation grant to connect women post-incarceration to technology education. The project, "Technology Education for Women in Transition: Broadening Participation Through Innovations," will offer evidence-based technology education for women who have been recently released from incarceration. Seo's team includes Hannah Britton, associate professor of political science and women, gender & sexuality studies, Megha Ramaswamy, association professor of population health, Marilyn Ault, director of Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortia, and Karin Chang, executive director of Kansas City Area Education Research Consortium. Baek-Young Choi and Sejun Song, associate professors in the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, are collaborating with the KU team on this project. Read more about their work at the links below.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2019/07/10/14m-nsf-grant-will-support-technology-education-women-released-prison

Erin Adamson, Department of Sociology, awarded NSF grant

Erin Adamson, doctoral student in the Department of Sociology, was awarded a $15,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for her project, "Lifestyle Migrants and the Economics of Integration in Caribbean Costa Rica." Joane Nagel, professor of Sociology, will supervise her work. Adamson's research focuses on "reverse integration," which happens when immigrants are more wealthy than local residents, especially in relatively impoverished settings, and locals depend on immigrants for jobs, favors, and advancement. Read more about her work at the links below.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2019/05/22/doctoral-researcher-examines-american-and-european-lifestyle-migrants-costa-rica

Unwinding podcast features Center for the Study of Injustice director Hannah Britton

Episode 5 of Unwinding features Hannah Britton, professor of political science and women, gender & sexuality studies and director of the Center for the Study of Injustice at IPSR. Meet Britton, and learn about how she incorporates hands-on, qualitative research methods in her classes, the invaluable contributions of her students, KU's unique position in advancing human trafficking research, and her ongoing work with the Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Initiative to understand and address the root casues of exploitation that affects communities from the Global South to the Midwest. Read more and listen to the episode at the link below.
Link(s): http://blog.college.ku.edu/unwinding-with-hannah-britton-anti-trafficking-researcher/

IPSR Spring 2019 Newsletter

IPSR's Spring 2019 newsletter is now available, with news about IPSR's designation as the lead agency of the Kansas State Data Center, a leadership transition, and a busy April with three major research events.
Link(s): http://ipsr.ku.edu/about/newsletter/IPSR_NewsletterSp19.pdf

Donna Ginther to lead Institute for Policy & Social Research

IPSR has announced that Donna Ginther will serve as its interim director starting in June. Ginther is a Dean's Professor of Economics and director of the Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy. Steven Maynard-Moody, professor in the School of Public Affairs & Administration, will step down from his position as IPSR's longtime director at the end of May and will continue on at KU as a faculty member. Read more about IPSR and this leadership transition at the link below.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2019/05/06/donna-k-ginther-lead-institute-policy-social-research

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