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Research on broadband in Kansas recommends statewide strategy to improve infrastructure

Date: 2023-03-22

University of Kansas researchers have completed a two-year study of broadband access in Kansas. Their newly published report, "Broadband in Kansas: The Challenges of Digital Access and Affordability," documents extensive challenges within the current broadband landscape in the state and recommends a comprehensive strategy to address these challenges.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2023/03/22/research-broadband-kansas-recommends-statewide-strategy-improve-infrastructure

New research shows an rural-urban divide in access, affordability and satisfaction with broadband in Kansas

Date: 2023-01-10

University of Kansas researchers found that up to 1 million Kansans live in regions that lack access to high-speed broadband services at adequate speeds. Close to half of those who responded to a survey on broadband reported dissatisfaction with broadband services. Average download speeds are substantially higher for Kansans living within city limits compared to speeds available for Kansans outside of city limits.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2023/01/10/new-research-shows-rural-urban-divide-access-affordability-and-satisfaction-broadband

Kansas Economic Policy Conference to explore policies for economic resilience

Date: 2022-10-19

The 2022 Kansas Economic Policy Conference will explore “Building a Resilient Kansas Economy.” Taking place Oct. 27 at the Burge Union on the University of Kansas Lawrence campus with a livestream option, the conference brings together community leaders, policymakers and subject matter experts to consider timely and relevant questions. Registration is open through the day of the conference.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2022/10/19/kansas-economic-policy-conference-explore-policies-economic-resilience

Access to food assistance program curbs child maltreatment, study finds

Date: 2022-07-21

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps offset the costs for families who face food insecurity. It’s one of the most frequently accessed public programs, aiding more than 43 million people each month. But SNAP also provides an unanticipated benefit: preventing child maltreatment. Donna K. Ginther, with Patricia Oslund, Lindsay Jorgenson and Patricia Sattler, Michelle Johnson-Motoyama (formerly of KU), Rebecca Phillips, Oliver Beer and Starr Davis of Ohio State University and Yoonzie Chung of University of Maryland, wrote a new study. "Association Between State Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Policies, Child Protective Services Involvement, and Foster Care in the US, 2004-2016" found that states with more generous SNAP policies had fewer children involved in child protective services (CPS) and sent to foster care. It appears in the journal JAMA Network Open.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2022/07/21/access-food-assistance-program-curbs-child-maltreatment-study-finds

Donna Ginther awarded Regents Distinguished Professorship

Date: 2022-03-01

The Kansas Board of Regents has named an accomplished economics scholar at KU as its next Regents Distinguished Professor. Donna Ginther, Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor of Economics and director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research, earned the new title at February's Kansas Board of Regents meeting. The purpose of the Regents Distinguished Professorship program is to attract and retain established scholars whose research projects augment the state’s economic and industrial development.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2022/03/01/donna-ginther-awarded-regents-distinguished-professorship

Covid-19 pandemic exacerbates economic inequities for women in Kansas, new research shows

Date: 2022-02-02

New research from the University of Kansas Institute for Policy & Social Research, commissioned by United Women's Empowerment, shows that existing inequities for Kansas women in the workforce have increased since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2022/02/02/covid-19-pandemic-exacerbates-economic-inequities-women-kansas-new-research-shows

Kansas Economic Policy Conference to discuss the COVID recovery underway in Kansas

Date: 2021-10-15

The 2021 Kansas Economic Policy Conference, hosted by the Institute for Policy & Social Research, will include researchers, state legislators and policymakers in discussions about how to build a resilient Kansas economy beyond the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Registration is required for the free, in-person conference, which also will be livestreamed.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2021/10/15/kansas-economic-policy-conference-address-covid-recovery-underway-kansas

55th edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract publishes new information on Kansas population and more

Date: 2021-09-01

The newest edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract is now available. This document, with the latest available data, offers information about Kansas across 16 categories, including population and vital statistics and health. IPSR publishes this compendium of data annually.
Link(s): https://ipsr.ku.edu/ksdata/ksah/

Read the IPSR 2020-21 Annual Report

Date: 2021-08-27

Read IPSR's annual report for 2020-2021, with information about our affiliates and staff, our work on COVID and service to the state, our research centers, and other highlights from the year.
Link(s): https://ipsr.ku.edu/about/ar2020.shtml

Study: Hundreds of lives saved in Kansas counties that adopted mask mandates

Date: 2021-06-28

Despite facing cultural and political pushback, the evidence remains clear: Face masks made a difference in Kansas. Donna K. Ginther's article "Association of Mask Mandates and COVID-19 Case Rates, Hospitalizations and Deaths in Kansas" examines the effect of masks on the state's 105 counties. It appears in JAMA Network Open, a journal published by the American Medical Association. Co-written with Carlos Zambrana, an associate researcher at the Institute for Policy & Social Research, Ginther estimated masks saved about 500 lives in adoptive counties. And, yet, other counties often refused to adopt the mandate, citing personal freedoms and lack of scientific evidence as reasons.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2021/06/28/study-hundreds-lives-saved-in-kansas-counties-with-mask-mandates

KU study will help define broadband priorities

Date: 2021-06-01

Through a University of Kansas-led project, Kansas residents can contribute to research on current internet and broadband infrastructure by completing a survey about their internet service. The survey takes about 15 minutes and includes an internet speed test to connect survey data with broadband speed information. Interested Kansans should take the survey, from the location of their internet service. The survey can be taken on a smartphone. Anonymized location data will be mapped to show demand for high-speed internet, to identify service gaps and to clarify the need for infrastructure improvements to expand internet access for Kansas communities.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2021/06/01/ku-study-will-help-define-broadband-priorities-kansas

KU faculty recognized for pivoting research to address COVID-19 pandemic

Date: 2021-01-21

Two University of Kansas faculty members are being recognized for adjusting their research to better understand the coronavirus pandemic and to provide valuable information to the public and policymakers. The recipients are Folashade Agusto, assistant professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and Donna K. Ginther, Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor of Economics and director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research. Ginther and IPSR staff members Xan Wedel, Lindsay Jorgenson, and Thomas Becker created and maintain a COVID-19 resource center (see link below) to provide information on the virus's economic impact locally and globally.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/ku-faculty-recognized-pivoting-research-address-covid-19-pandemic

The third coronavirus surge is here and masks are still optional

Date: 2020-10-27

The US has entered an ominous new surge in the coronavirus pandemic, with more cases reported on Friday than any other day since the crisis began in March. And yet, in many areas of the country where infections are spiking, wearing a mask in public is still completely optional. Researchers Donna K. Ginther and Carlos Zambrana at the University of Kansas found that counties thaht opted out of a statewide mask order saw a surge in coronavirus infection rates, while counties with a mask mandate saw cases flatline. Read more from the Huffington Post, and view the original research, at the links below.
Link(s): https://www.huffpost.com/entry/coronavirus-surge-masks-still-optional_n_5f97260dc5b646c70e9b77b7

Kansas counties with mask mandates had half the rate of new infections

Date: 2020-10-27

A new study by Donna K. Ginther and Carlos Zambrana has found that counties in Kansas where residents are obliged to wear masks in public have seen about half as many new coronavirus infections as counties that do not have a mask mandate in force. The study is part of a countrywide trend, experts said. Localities that impose mask mandates often see fewer cases, fewer hospitalizations, fewer deaths or lower test-positive rates than nearby localities that do not.
Link(s): https://www.nytimes.com/live/2020/10/26/world/covid-19-coronavirus-updates/kansas-counties-with-mask-mandates-had-half-the-rate-of-new-infections-a-study-finds

Kansas Economic Policy Conference to address policy interventions in time of crisis

Date: 2020-10-08

When the novel coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in March 2020, government at all levels needed to manage a public health crisis, continue providing essential services, and stave off economic disaster. However, public health interventions, such as stay-at-home orders and contact tracing, have had mixed reception from the public and mixed support from government officials. The 2020 Kansas Economic Policy Conference, taking place virtually on October 22, will address the question: What is the role of government in a crisis? Learn more and register for the conference at the links below.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2020/10/08/economic-policy-conference-address-policy-interventions-times-crisis

KU partnering with 3 Kansas counties to effectively use COVID relief funds for community needs

Date: 2020-09-23

A diverse group of University of Kansas scholars, researchers, staff and students has been helping three Kansas counties - Johnson, Miami and Wilson - determine how to spend more than $44 million in federal COVID-19 funds by the end of 2020 to have a lasting influence. IPSR director Donna K. Ginther and staff Xan Wedel, Genna Hurd, Lindsay Jorgenson, and Thomas Becker contributed to this effort.
Link(s): http://today.ku.edu/2020/09/17/ku-centers-scholars-students-partnering-three-kansas-counties-effectively-use-covid

Donna K. Ginther named Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor

Date: 2020-09-10

Donna Ginther, professor in the Department of Economics, was awarded a Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professorship. She joined the KU faculty in 2002 and was promoted to professor in 2009. Ginther has played a critically important role in economic development in Kansas through her research, reports and consulting work with a variety of state institutions and government leaders. She has received more than $7 million in grant funding and has published major works in numerous areas of labor economics. Ginther is recognized for her work explaining gender and racial differences in major grant funding outcomes. Click the link below to read more about Ginther and other KU faculty who were awarded distinguished professor status.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/four-ku-faculty-receive-distinguished-professor-status

Mentoring significantly improves career outcomes for female economists, study finds

Date: 2020-03-04

Women's advancement in most science disciplines has risen during this century, but that has not proven true for the field of economics. Donna K. Ginther, Dean's Professor of Economics and director, Institute of Policy & Social Research, has taken on that career challenge in hopes of helping her fellow female economists. Her chapter, "Mentoring matters for women in economics," co-written with Janet Currie, Francine Blau, and Rachel T.A. Carson, appears in the new book "Women in Economics" (CEPR Press).
Link(s): http://today.ku.edu/2020/03/04/mentoring-significantly-improves-career-outcomes-female-economists-study-finds

Donna K. Ginther to lead KU's Institute for Policy & Social Research

Date: 2020-02-27

Donna K. Ginther, an economist with deep experience in social science and policy-relevant research, has been named director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research at the University of Kansas. Ginther, the Dean's Professor of Economics, has served as interim director of IPSR since longtime director Steven Maynard-Moody, professor in the School of Public Affairs & Administration, stepped down in May 2019.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/economics-professor-lead-kus-institute-policy-social-research

Kansas Economic Policy Conference to offer multiple perspectives on economic development

Date: 2019-10-14

What are the factors that contribute to economic development? Can policy play a role in promoting economic growth? These questions will be discussed in this year's Kansas Economic Policy Conference, hosted by the Institute for Policy & Social Research on October 24. The conference will convene scholars, policymakers and experts in economic development to explore "What Counts for Economic Development in Kansas?" Presentations and discussions at the conference will offer a multifaceted view of this complex and critically important subject.
Link(s): https://today.ku.edu/2019/10/14/kansas-economic-policy-conference-offer-multiple-perspectives-economic-development

NSF grant supports study on how state cuts to higher education affect research output

Date: 2019-07-17

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $236,790 grant to the University of Kansas for Donna Ginther, professor of economics and interim director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research, to study the effects of research funding on research outputs. Ginther will collaborate with Joshua Rosenbloom, professor and chair of the Department of Economics at Iowa State University. "The Effect of State Disinvestment in Higher Education on Research Quality and Returns to Scale in Science Funding" was awarded through NSF's Science of Science and Innovation Policy program and also included $313,624 in funding for Iowa State. Read more at the links below.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2019/07/12/professor-will-examine-how-state-cuts-higher-education-affect-research-output

Donna Ginther to lead Institute for Policy & Social Research

Date: 2019-05-06

IPSR has announced that Donna Ginther will serve as its interim director starting in June. Ginther is a Dean's Professor of Economics and director of the Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy. Steven Maynard-Moody, professor in the School of Public Affairs & Administration, will step down from his position as IPSR's longtime director at the end of May and will continue on at KU as a faculty member. Read more about IPSR and this leadership transition at the link below.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2019/05/06/donna-k-ginther-lead-institute-policy-social-research

KU Study Indicates Link Between Kansas Welfare Restrictions, Foster Care Case Increase

Date: 2017-12-15

A University of Kansas study supports the suspicions of lawmakers and advocates who believe there's a link between additional restrictions on welfare benefits and an increase in foster care cases.
Link(s): http://kcur.org/post/ku-study-indicates-link-between-kansas-welfare-restrictions-foster-care-case-increase#stream/0

DCF: No link between welfare reform, rising foster care numbers; researchers say otherwise

Date: 2017-11-14

KU economics professor Donna Ginther, who is director of the Center for Science Technology and Economic Policy, and Michelle Johnson-Motoyama, an associate professor in KU's School of Social Welfare, recently completed a national study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that looked at the impact such laws have on the social safety net system in the United States.
Link(s): http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2017/nov/14/dcf-no-link-between-welfare-reform-rising-foster-c/

We need to talk about 'hot' female economists

Date: 2017-08-22

A new study shows female economists are more likely to be described using raunchy language. "The more types of people you have in a profession, the broader the questions and the more expansive the research," said Donna Ginther, an economics professor at the University of Kansas who has studied the challenges women face advancing in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.
Link(s): http://www.marketwatch.com/story/we-need-to-talk-about-hot-female-economists-2017-08-22

Medicaid expansion possibly reduced 'medical divorces,' KU economists find

Date: 2017-02-15

States that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act possibly saw a reduction in the number of "medical divorces," in which a couple separates its assets when one partner is diagnosed with a degenerative disease, according to a working paper by two University of Kansas economists. In the paper distributed this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research, David Slusky, assistant professor of economics, and Donna Ginther, professor of economics, found states that did expand Medicaid under the 2010 Affordable Care Act experienced a 5.6 percent decrease in the prevalence of divorce among people ages 50-64, compared with those states that did not expand. Read the full article from KU News at the link below.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2017/02/15/medicaid-expansion-possibly-reduced-medical-divorces-ku-economists-find

Leadership And Management, Women In Economics

Date: 2017-02-10

Kansas City's NPR station, KCUR, featured Donna Ginther, Professor of Economics and director of IPSR's Center for Science, Technology, & Economic Policy. Listen for yourself at the link below.
Link(s): http://kcur.org/post/leadership-and-management-women-economics#stream/0

Study recommends changes to postdoctoral science positions

Date: 2017-01-27

Federal research agencies, such as the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health, tout postdoctoral positions as valuable training for those pursuing scientific careers. However, a new study by Boston University and University of Kansas researchers has found that postdoc jobs don't yield a positive return in the labor market and that these positions likely cost graduates roughly three years' worth of salary in their first 15 years of their careers. "Biomedical scientists require postdocs in order to do the work of science. However, the postdoc only prepares students for academic careers - jobs that are very difficult to come by," said Donna Ginther, KU professor of economics. "Ours is the first study to document the opportunity cost of taking a postdoc on the subsequent career outcomes of former postdocs. We show that the cost in terms of foregone earnings is very high. Most postdocs would be better off if they took jobs when they completed their degrees."
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2017/01/05/study-recommends-changes-postdoctoral-science-positions

Economist to testify before presidential commission on 'big data,' policy decisions

Date: 2017-01-09

A University of Kansas economist will testify this week before a presidential panel examining how to increase the availability and use of government data to build evidence and inform program design. Donna Ginther, professor of economics and director of the KU Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy, will address the importance of evidence-based policy. The public hearing before the Commission on Evidence-Based Policy Making is scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 5, at the Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building in Chicago. Read more at link below.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2017/01/03/economist-testify-presidential-commission-big-data-policy-decisions

Researchers land CDC grant to analyze state child neglect policies

Date: 2016-10-19

University of Kansas researchers have received a grant to determine how economic and social safety net policies affect child neglect across the United States and create a tool policy makers and practitioners can use to predict how proposed prevention strategies can address child abuse and neglect. Michelle Johnson-Motoyama, associate professor of social welfare, and Donna Ginther, professor of economics and director of KU's Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy, will lead the three-year, $1.05 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control. The KU Institute for Policy & Social Research assisted with the development of the grant proposal and will manage the CDC award. The project will study the various changes to economic and social safety net policies by state from 1995 until 2014 - the most recent year for which data is available - and if those changes affect state-level changes in child neglect rates. Continue reading at link below.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2016/09/23/researchers-land-cdc-grant-analyze-state-child-neglect-policies-build-tool-help-policy

Ginther to study effects of mentoring on careers of female economists

Date: 2016-09-25

Donna Ginther, Professor of Economics and the Director of the Center of Science Technology & Economic Policy at the Institute for Policy & Social Research, received an award from the Economics program at the National Science Foundation. Using a randomized controlled mentoring trial that expands participants' access to collaborative and mentoring networks, the project will study the causal effects of networks on the career outcomes of female economists.

Ginther, IPSR Center Director, interviewed by KCUR

Date: 2016-09-01

University of Kansas economist Donna Ginther made waves in 2011 with her studies showing racial disparities in research grant awards, which led the National Institutes of Health to start an initiative to address the issue. She says the problem isn't necessarily bias on the part of those who award grants but lack of mentors and training for diverse communities. Ginther recently sat down with KCUR's Alex Smith to talk about her latest work on the issue, which factors in gender. She and her colleagues looked at NIH R01 grants awarded between 2000 and 2006.
Link(s): http://kcur.org/post/kansas-economist-s-research-shows-how-race-and-gender-matter-research-grant-awards#stream/0

Ginther receives grant to improve data distribution

Date: 2016-09-01

Donna Ginther, Professor of Economics, received a grant from the National Science Foundation. The project will build on previous research done using data collected by the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) the scientific workforce, developing and distributing data enhancements that will make this valuable data accessible to the Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) community. Ginther is the Director of the Center of Science Technology & Economic Policy at the Institute for Policy & Social Research.
Link(s): http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=1647187&HistoricalAwards=false

KU study finds race, not gender, is key factor in NIH awards

Date: 2016-07-15

Race, not gender, appears to be the most significant factor influencing the award of a National Institutes of Health Research Project Grant, according to a new study led by a University of Kansas economist."In most cases, NIH funds are the gateway to having tenure and becoming a full-fledged member of an academic faculty," said Donna Ginther, professor of economics and the study's lead author. "Understanding who gets grants in order to promote a more diverse applicant pool will add to the diversity of the student body at colleges and universities." Read the full news article at link below.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2016/07/07/ku-study-finds-race-not-gender-key-factor-nih-awards

Study shows Kansas women face economic, social challenges

Date: 2016-03-08

A new study examining the status of women in Kansas shows most earn significantly less than their male counterparts, and large numbers of single mothers live in poverty and lack health insurance. The study, conducted by the Center for Science Technology and Economic Policy was commissioned by the Kansas City-based Women's Foundation and was released in conjunction with International Women's Day. News coverage and the full report available at the links below.
Link(s): http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2016/mar/08/study-shows-kansas-women-face-economic-social-chal/
File(s): http://ipsr.ku.edu/publicat/StatusofWomeninKansas.pdf

Women's Foundation to fund study on the status of women in Kansas and Missouri

Date: 2015-12-19

Donna Ginther, Professor of Economics, received a grant from the Women's Foundation, based in Kansas City, for the project, "The Economic Status of Women in Kansas, Missouri and the Kansas City Metropolitan Area." Ginther and her research team will study the status of women in Kansas and the Greater Kansas City area, incorporating data on family, income, and employment, and will develop a report on their findings. Their analysis will include, where possible, a comparison of Kansas data and trends relative to those in Missouri and across the U.S., as well as comparing data and trends from the Kansas City area with the areas around St. Louis, MO, and Wichita, KS. Ginther directs the Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy at IPSR.

Ginther and Kahn to study gender differences in STEM careers

Date: 2015-12-17

Donna Ginther, Professor of Economics, along with Shulamit Kahn, Associate Professor in the Boston University School of Management, received a grant from the National Science Foundation for their project, "Understanding Gender Differences in STEM Academic Careers." Using data from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES), Ginther and Kahn will examine issues confronting female academic career progression in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The research will evaluate longitudinal data on the scientific workforce, recently matched with the scientific outcomes of researchers' publications and patents, in order to determine how productivity contributes to the gender gap in science. Ginther directs the Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy at IPSR.
Link(s): http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=1538797&HistoricalAwards=false

Cuts proposed in research funding to hurt Kansas City area

Date: 2015-12-06

Donna Ginther, Professor of Economics and Director of IPSR's Center for Science, Technology, & Economic Policy, penned an opinion piece for the Kansas City Star on the impacts of federal spending cuts to the Kansas City area.
Link(s): http://www.kansascity.com/opinion/readers-opinion/as-i-see-it/article48077395.html

Student mobility negatively linked to academic achievement

Date: 2015-09-20

Recent findings presented earlier this month at the Kansas City GradNation Summit, concluded that students who move to new schools are likelier to have lower test scores and more absences. Using data from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Kansas City Area Education Research Consortium (KC-AERC), which is housed at IPSR, looked at how many students transferred in and out of schools in three counties in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area. The research found students who had changed schools were 60 percent less likely to be proficient in communication arts and 62 percent less likely to be proficient in math as students who didn't move. Read the full press release below.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2015/09/11/student-mobility-negatively-linked-academic-achievement-and-attendance

Math key factor in career fields where women are underrepresented

Date: 2015-07-23

Math - not college faculty's belief that female students lack brilliance - points to why fewer women are in STEM fields, research at the University of Kansas shows. The findings challenge a study published earlier this year in the journal Science that concluded women were underrepresented in academic fields where faculty believe success is dependent on "raw, innate talent," which faculty chronically stereotype as a shortcoming for women. Recent research at KU shows when GRE scores are factored in, female representation correlates with the amount of math in the field, making faculty beliefs about a student's ability irrelevant. "To me it is all about the mathematical content of the field. Girls not taking math coursework early on in middle school and high school are set on a different college trajectory than boys," said Donna Ginther, professor of economics and director of the Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy at the Institute for Policy & Social Research. Continue reading at the link below.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2015/07/21/math-key-factor-career-fields-where-women-are-underrepresented

Research featured in The New York Times

Date: 2014-11-03

New analysis of academic science fields show little gender bias, but suggest women's earlier educational choices lead to underrepresentation in math-intensive fields. The article titled Academic Science Isn't Sexist features the research of Donna Ginther, professor of Economics and Director of IPSR's Center for Science Technology & Economic Policy.
Link(s): http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/02/opinion/sunday/academic-science-isnt-sexist.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=c-column-top-span-region®ion=c-column-top-span-region&WT.nav=c-column-top-span-region&_r=0

IPSR hosts luncheon on new Kansas City Research Data Center

Date: 2014-10-17

Dr. Ginther's presentation, video and slides, detailing the recently announced Kansas City RDC are available at the links below.
Link(s): https://mediahub.ku.edu/media/Donna+Ginther%2C+KC+Research+Data+Center/0_dxb6k1jb

University drives creation of new research data center in Kansas City

Date: 2014-10-15

A National Science Foundation proposal driven by the University of Kansas has resulted in the creation of a new Kansas City-based Census research data center that will provide researchers access to the nation's highest-quality data for analysis of the U.S. economy and policy issues. The Kansas City Research Data Center (RDC) will be located at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City headquarters and provide approved area researchers with secure access to restricted microlevel U.S. Census and health statistics data - the type of data researchers use to examine the economic activity, demographic makeup and health status of individuals in the U.S. economy. Research based on these data can provide a better understanding of the regional and national economy, including analysis of changes that are affecting businesses and households. The NSF proposal was headed by Donna Ginther, professor of economics and director of the Center for Science Technology & Economic Policy at the Institute for Policy & Social Research at KU, on behalf of a consortium that includes the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, the Kauffman Foundation, the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/ku-drives-creation-new-research-data-center-kansas-city

The Kansas City Research Data Center funded by the National Science Foundation

Date: 2014-08-26

The National Science Foundation has awarded funding to establish the Kansas City Research Data Center (KC-RDC) to PI Donna Ginther, Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research's Center for Science, Technology, and Economic Policy and her colleagues from the University of Missouri-Columbia, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and the Kauffman Foundation. The award provides three years of funding to set up a secure location at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City for researchers around the region to use confidential Census data for a wide variety of research projects on issues including poverty, crime, employment, education, entrepreneurship, and health and mortality. As a result, researchers will now have greatly expanded access to federal data that can only be used at the Census Bureau or a Research Data Center. The KC-RDC will extend the research capacity and infrastructure at the University and beyond.

Research featured in LiveScience article

Date: 2014-01-23

The article titled, What Holds Back Women Research Faculty?, highlights Professor Ginther's research on women in academia. Watch the video and read the full article at the link below.
Link(s): http://www.livescience.com/42796-women-race-academia-donna-ginther-nsf-sl.html

NIH announces new initiatives in response to KU study

Date: 2012-12-18
NIH announces new initiatives in response to KU study image

LAWRENCE - The world's foremost biomedical funding agency has announced a series of new initiatives in response to a study that found race-based discrepancies in research awards. The National Institutes of Health has unveiled plans to address diversity in the biomedical workforce after a 2011 NIH-commissioned study led by University of Kansas economist Donna Ginther found that black scientists are much less likely to receive NIH grants than their white counterparts. Click link below for full press release.
Link(s): http://news.ku.edu/2012/december/18/nih.shtml

KU researcher proposes data exchange model

Date: 2012-10-22

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2012/october/22/model.shtml

Biotech Industries and the Kansas Economy

Date: 2012-10-21

CSTEP has completed an evaluation of Kansas Bioscience Authority policies and procedures for documenting impacts of biotechnology industries on the Kansas economy. The full report can be viewed here: http://www.ipsr.ku.edu/donna_web/CSTEPBiotechReview_06052012.pdf.
File(s): http://www.ipsr.ku.edu/donna_web/CSTEPBiotechReview_06052012.pdf

KU sponsoring Oct. 18 Kansas Economic Policy Conference

Date: 2012-10-01

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2012/october/1/kepc.shtml

Six faculty members to be honored at Commencement for outstanding teaching

Date: 2012-05-10

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2012/may/10/teachingawards.shtml

Five researchers honored at University Scholarly Achievement Awards ceremony

Date: 2012-05-09

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2012/may/9/usaa.shtml

Five researchers named recipients of University Scholarly Achievement Awards

Date: 2012-03-27

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2012/march/27/usaawards.shtml

KU to host economic policy conference on immigration

Date: 2011-09-22

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2011/september/22/kepc.shtml

Black scientists less likely than white counterparts to receive NIH funding

Date: 2011-08-18

Black scientists were significantly less likely than their white counterparts to receive research funding from the National Institutes of Health, according to an analysis of data from 2000 to 2006.

University of Kansas Professor of Economics Donna Ginther was the lead author on the study commissioned by the NIH, which appears in the Aug. 19 issue of Science.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2011/august/18/nihstudy.shtml
File(s): https://documents.ku.edu/users2/hattig/ginther/Ginther_draft01-LAN.mov

Two students win Argersinger Prizes for outstanding dissertations

Date: 2011-05-20

Dr. Ginther's advisee Serena Huang was an award recipient. Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2011/may/20/argersinger.shtml

Kansas Economic Policy Conference to focus on public education

Date: 2010-10-18

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2010/october/18/economicpolicy.shtml

2010 KU Women of Distinction calendar honors talents of students, faculty, staff

Date: 2010-08-26

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2010/august/26/wodcalendar.shtml

Ginther lands grant to study why women leave sciences

Date: 2009-11-02

Donna Ginther, professor of economics and Director of IPSR's Center for Economic and Business Analysis, has received a $1.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to research the influences on women in biomedical sciences. Read full press release at link below.
Link(s): http://www.oread.ku.edu/~oread/2009/november/2/stories/ginther.shtml

Policy experts and businesspeople gather to parse Kansas economy in uneasy times

Date: 2009-10-08

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2009/october/8/economics.shtml

KU economist, doctoral student win Sloan Foundation grant

Date: 2009-05-14

LAWRENCE - A doctoral student in economics from the University of Kansas and her dissertation adviser have received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to study the impact of highly skilled immigrants on the U.S. economy.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2009/may/13/economy.shtml

KU students, faculty member receive awards at research symposium

Date: 2007-04-17

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2007/april/17/researchawards.shtml

Ginther Examines Faculty Gender Gaps

Date: 2007-01-22
Ginther Examines Faculty Gender Gaps image

Donna Ginther, IPSR affiliate and associate professor of economics, presented her research on gender gaps in pay and tenure among university faculty to the National Academies of Science in 2005. This work is included as a chapter in the recently published, Biological, Social, and Organizational Component of Success for Women in Academic Science and Engineering.
Link(s): http://www.oread.ku.edu/2007/january/22/gaps.shtml

Entrepreneurship conference at KU highlights new research

Date: 2006-10-31

Dr. Ginther was an invited presenter at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation conference. Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2006/october/31/crea.shtml

Ginther to Present in D.C.

Date: 2005-12-09

Donna Ginther, Associate Professor in Economics, will present on the \"economics of gendered distribution of resources in academe\" for the Committee on Women in Academic Science and Engineering Convocation. The convocation will take place December 9, 2005 in Washington, D.C.
Link(s): http://www7.nationalacademies.org/womeninacademe/Convocation.html

School achievement higher for children in nuclear families, KU researcher finds

Date: 2005-02-09

Read the full story at the link.
Link(s): http://www.news.ku.edu/2005/february/9/school.shtml

Ginther to Examine Salary Gaps

Date: 2004-04-30

Donna Ginther, PRI Scholar and Assistant Professor Economics, was awarded a 3 year, $282,753 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the economic explanations for gender differencesin salary, promotion, and attrition for academics in science, social science, and engineering. This study is designed to identify and document the causes ofthe gender gap by enhancing the analysis of the Survey of Doctorate Recipients (1973-2001).

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