The PowerPoints from the conference are available through the KU ScholarWorks collection "NADDI"

Links to individual presentations follow each abstract in the abstracts page.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Opening Night Reception, Oread Hotel 6pm.

The opening night reception will be held on the 9th floor terrace of the Oread Hotel. In case of inclement weather the event will be held in the All Season's Den.

The NADDI 2013 conference will have two simultaneous tracks over two days (April 2 and 3, 2013).

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    Kansas Union
    Alderson (Level 4) Malott (Level 6)
7:30  8:30 
Registration & Packet Pick-up - Lobby, Level 6
8:00  8:45 
Pastries and coffee - Kansas Room (Level 6)
8:45  9:00 

Welcome -
Steve Warren, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies

9:00  10:00  Plenary Introduction and Keynote -
Jay Greenfield
10:15  10:45  Mary Vardigan & Joachim Wackerow (DDI - A Metadata Standard for the Community)
10:45  11:45  Arofan Gregory et al (DDI Extensions for Qualitative Data) Barkow and Schiller (Rogatus – a planned open source toolset to cover the whole lifecycle)
12:00  13:00                      Lunch - Jayhawk Room (Level 5)
Welcome & Brief Remarks: Lorraine Haricombe, Dean of KU Libraries
13:30  14:00  Dan Smith (Colectica for Excel: Using DDI Lifecycle with Spreadsheets)
14:00  15:00  Thomas, Brown, and Nakao PANEL: DDI and Metadata from the Researcher's Perspective)
15:00  15:30                      Break - Kansas Room (Level 6)
15:30  16:00  Radler, Iverson & Smith (Applying DDI to a Longitudinal Study of Aging) Gregory, Gager and Heus (DataForge: A DDI-Enabled Toolkit for Researchers and Data Managers)
16:00  17:00  Schiller and Barkow (Administrative Data in the IAB System) Philip Wright (Using SAS to generate DDI-C from Excel)
18:00  21:00 
Dinner - Alumni Center

Wednesday April 3, 2013

Kansas Union
Alderson (Level 4) Malott (Level 6)
8:00  8:30  Pastries, Coffee, networking - Kansas Room (Level 6)
8:30  9:30 
Coffee, networking - Kansas Room (Level 6)
Discussion: Future of NADDI
9:30  10:30  Thérèse Lalor  and Arofan Gregory (Generic Statistical Information Model and DDI)
10:30  11:00                      Break - Kansas Room (Level 6)
11:00  11:30  Amber Leahey (Collaborative markup of library & researcher data: Examples from OCUL ) Barkow, Block, Greenfield, Hebing, Hoyle, and Thomas,   (PANEL: Generic Longitudinal Business Process Model)
11:30  12:00  Mary Vardigan (Collaborative Research: A Metadata Portal for the Social Sciences)
12:00  13:00                      Lunch - Jayhawk Room (Level 5)
13:00  13:30  Jeremy Williams & William Block (Improving User Access to Metadata for Public and Restricted Use US Federal Statistical Files )
13:30  14:00  Iverson, Stephenson, & Smith (DDI-Lifecycle and Colectica at the UCLA Social Science Data Archive) Gina-Qian Cheung  (MQDS - the Michigan Questionnaire Documentation System)
14:00  14:30  Alerk Amin (Data and Metadata Harmonization for the RAND Survey Meta Data Repository) Hoyle and Van Roekel (REDCap and DDI an update)
14:30  15:00                      Break - Kansas Room (Level 6)
15:00  16:00 
Plenary - DDI Technical Implementation Committee invited speakers Wendy Thomas, Arofan Gregory
16:00  16:30  Plenary - Conference wrap-up


For the description of the training sessions on April 4, please see:


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Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
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