Welcome to KC-AERC


KARIN CHANG, Executive Director

“ Kansas City is at a critical junction in its development.  As we prepare our workforce for a new economy, we need to carefully examine our current educational practices. Working together to understand what’s working and where there are opportunities to develop and test new strategies is fundamental to KC-AERC’s work.”


Parental School Choice Study

With support from the Kauffman Foundation, KC-AERC researchers, in partnership with Hazley and Associates, are studying the processes by which parents in Kansas City, Missouri acquire information and make choices about their children’s education given the array of school choices within the Kansas City Public School System boundaries.

GEAR UP Evaluations

KC-AERC is helping evaluate the effectiveness of GEAR UP programs across the state of Kansas in order to help maximize the programs’ potential to successfully usher their students from junior high to college.

KC HealthTracks Evaluation

KC-AERC is studying how the activities of the KC HealthTracks program are impacting student knowledge and interest college degrees and careers in health sciences.


KC-AERC works with community organizations to address complex and vital educational questions. Our approach emphasizes real world evaluation, developing sustainable partnerships with clients to translate data into actionable next steps.



KC-AERC works with a variety of partners around the United States but focuses much of its work in the Kansas City metro area.

Map of counties in the Kansas City Metro Area.