Indigenous Geographies Research Center


We Are The Wetlands


This project was supported by the Spencer Museum of Art's Integrated Arts Research Initiative through a grant from the Andrew W. Melon Foundation.

This series of posters was completed by students in the Environmental Issues of the Wakarusa Wetlands class taught by Professors Jay T. Johnson, Joseph P. Brewer, Cody Marshall and guest instructor Dave Loewenstein. Inspired by the decades long struggle to protect the Wakarusa Wetlands from the now built K-10 traffic way, students from both Haskell and KU worked in pairs to imagine how to re-engage the Lawrence community with the continued challenges facing this ecosystem and the cultural life which it embodies.



Sumer Al-ahdali & Kami Naylor

Poster by Sumer Al-ahdali & Kami Naylor

Zachariah Walker & William Edmo

Poster by Zachariah Walker & William Edmo

Sarah Milgrim & Alisha Numan

Poster by Sarah Milgrim & Alisha Numan

Kaleb Proctor & Troy Watterson

Poster by Kaleb Proctor & Troy Watterson

Roman Yearby & Adam Munoz

Poster by Roman Yearby & Adam Munoz

Remington Gritts & Tianqing Yan

Poster by Remington Gritts & Tianqing Yan

Rayven Merrill & Skyler Devoe

Poster by Rayven Merrill & Skyler Devoe

Trevor Guinn & Summer Powell

Poster by Trevor Guinn & Summer Powell

Sean Kulig & Ben Luancing

Poster by Sean Kulig & Ben Luancing

Dave Loewenstein

Poster by Dave Loewenstein

Jay T. Johnson

Poster by Jay T. Johnson