Kansas Broadband Study

The Kansas Broadband Project conducted by the Institute for Policy & Social Research at the University of Kansas consisted of two surveys. The survey of Kansas Board of Regents students launched January 14, 2021 and closed on March 11, 2021. The survey of Kansas Households launched on May 17, 2021 and closed January 11, 2022. Respondents were invited to participate via email and state partners. The informed consent was followed by an embedded OOKLA speed test and a link to the survey hosted in Qualtrics.


The full report Broadband in Kansas: The Challenges of Digital Access and Affordability is available as a 145-page PDF. Also available is the executive summary and dashboard below summarizes the data we collected in the surveys for the Economic Development Districts in Kansas.

Limitations of the data

The survey data used in this study have several limitations. Respondents to this survey should not be considered a representative sample of the entire Kansas population. This survey was conducted online, and therefore Kansans with no or very limited internet access are excluded. Because this was a voluntary survey, response bias likely also affected the results, especially the qualitative responses. Potential respondents with particularly strong feelings are more likely to participate, which may mean that unsatisfied customers are overrepresented.

This survey sought to capture speed and customer sentiment around actual internet use, rather than investigate the best available internet service and plan in any geographic area. Internet customers may have less than optimal internet speeds and satisfaction with their current plan for a variety of reasons apart from availability in their area, including financial constraints, the devices they use to connect, the consumer's knowledge of services available, and the importance of internet access in their specific household.

Click here to browse a map with data from the FCC, Microsoft, and Ookla.


Please reach out to IPSR at ipsr.ku.edu.

Curious about your speeds?

The speedtest is still available. Click the button below if you would like to test your current connection.

Additional details from Ookla’s privacy policy:
When participants test their internet connection speed "the information we gather from all tests run through Ookla is collected anonymously and then aggregated to provide performance data to users on the Ookla websites, including its Speedtest server hosts, and/or to third parties to whom we license the information." When conducting a speed test through Ookla, the company collects "(a) the test results; (b) non-precise information about the approximate physical location of your computer or device-derived from GeoIP Data and/or Precise Location Data (if your mobile device settings allow it); and (c) Other Information, including, but not limited to, the IP address, the ISP [internet service provider], college or organization that operates the network you test, and network, hardware and device identifiers such as your SSID [service set identifier] or IMEI [International Mobile Equipment Identity] (if the test is conducted on a smartphone)... Your Speedtest or Sensorly results may be used by Ookla to conduct analyses and prepare product enhancements, as well as to prepare market reports."

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