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IPSR Leadership

Photo of Donna Ginther
Donna Ginther
Director, IPSR, Director, Center for Science Technology & Economic Policy, and Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor, Economics

As Director, Donna is responsible for developing the IPSR multi-disciplinary research program by engaging faculty from across the university and overseeing the management and direction of the Institute. Under her leadership, IPSR continues to be an international center for research on some of today’s most pressing topics, including the human dimensions of climate change, race and gender questions in the scientific workforce, urban sustainability, indigenous communities, environmental policy, and human trafficking.

As Professor, her major fields of study are scientific labor markets, gender differences in employment outcomes, wage inequality, scientific entrepreneurship, and children's educational attainments. Read more

Jena Gunter
Associate Director

As Associate Director, Jena has administrative responsibility for all Institute operations including sponsored project development and administration, human resources and payroll, fiscal operations, computing services, and conferences for IPSR. Read more
Photo of Jena Gunter

Administration & Award Management

Photo of CarrieCaine
Carrie Caine
Research Development and Administrative Specialist

In her role as Research Development and Administrative Specialist, Carrie coordinates staff travel, assists with purchasing, maintains grant files, and provides support to IPSR research centers. Read more

Mandy Frank
Education Program Specialist

As Education Program Specialist, provides administrative support for research team(s), IPSR Center Directors and research staff. This includes organization of workshops, conferences, and other events. Mandy processes travel, initiates purchases, and processes invoices for sponsored research. Read more
Photo of Mandy Frank
Photo of Christie Holland
Christie Holland
Research Project Specialist

As Research Project Specialist, Christie provides administrative support for research team(s), IPSR Center Directors and research staff. This includes organization of workshops, conferences, and other events. Christie processes travel, initiates purchases, and processes invoices for sponsored research. Read more

Sofia Berrospi Fernandez
Student Administrative Assistant

Sofia is an international student from Perú pursuing a B.S. in Economics, B.A. in Mathematics and a Minor in Journalism. She plans to go to Graduate School and become a researcher after college.
Photo of Sofia Berrospi Fernandez
Photo of Margarita Madu
Margarita Madu
Student Administrative Assistant

Margarita is a junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in French. She is interested in working as a marketing consulting and plans to pursue a career as a writer.

Anna Owsley
Student Administrative Assistant

Anna is a first-year student earning a B.S. in Economics and minoring in Mathematics, Sociology, and/or Psychology. She plans on attending graduate school before pursuing a career in public policy research and hopes to become a research professor.
Photo of Anna Owsley

Research Development

Photo of CarrieCaine
Carrie Caine
Research Development and Administrative Specialist

Carrie provides direct support for proposal preparation to investigators, research teams, faculty affiliates, and graduate students. She provides guidance to investigators on strategic approaches to funding calls and agency priorities. Read more

Nancy Cayton Myers
Research Development Officer

As Research Development Officer, Nancy leads the IPSR research development team; provides direct support for research proposal preparation to investigators and teams; facilitates research planning, strategy, and networking; assists with grant management and reporting; and conducts outreach activities and research development-related presentations to faculty, staff, and students. Read more
Photo of Nancy Cayton Myers
Photo of Whitney Onasch
Whitney Onasch
Research Development Specialist

As a Research Development Specialist for the Institute for Policy & Social Research (IPSR), Whitney facilitates and administers research proposal development and submission on behalf of faculty affiliates and graduate students. She provides guidance to investigators on strategic approaches to funding calls based on the guidelines and agency priorities, and serves as the primary liaison between faculty and the KU Office of Research during the development and award/contract negotiation stages. Read more

Research & Data Support

Davut Ayan
Postdoctoral Researcher

As a postdoctoral researcher, Davut works on the projects in the IPSR’s research agenda and provides support in all stages of research development. Davut received his PhD in Economics from the University of Kansas and his research focuses on topics in applied microeconomics, particularly in labor and demographic economics, public economics. Read more
Photo of Davut Ayan
Photo of Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker
Research Assistant

Thomas graduated from KU in the spring of 2019 with a B.A. in History and Economics. His work at IPSR involves gathering and analyzing data in support of various projects.

Larry Hoyle
Emeritus Senior Scientist

Larry had overall responsibility for planning the Institute’s computing infrastructure. He has more than a few years’ experience in the data management phase of the research lifecycle and taught a graduate course focusing on those skills. In recent years, he has been actively involved in the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) – helping advance an international standard for machine actionable description of data and its lifecycle. He has done a number of invited and contributed presentations at SAS and DDI related international conferences and has chaired or co-chaired the North American DDI Conference and the IASSIST conference. Read more
Photo of Larry Hoyle
Photo of Genna Hurd
Genna M. Hurd
Associate Researcher

Genna provides research assistance to several vital IPSR projects and programs, including its Center for Science, Technology & Economic Policy. Research assistance includes research project management, program evaluation, focus group facilitation, interviews, survey development and analysis, data collection, management, and analysis, and report writing. Genna is Co-I for the KU EDA University Center, a partnership between the KU Center for Entrepreneurship in the School of Business and IPSR. She also is Editor of the Kansas Statistical Abstract, an online compendium of socio-economic and demographic data on Kansas. Read more

Lindsay Jorgenson
Research Associate

Lindsay provides evaluation services to faculty and researchers whose work addresses inequity in systems such as education, housing, food and farming, immigration, healthcare and correctional systems. Lindsay assists faculty in the development of culturally appropriate qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodology. Her expertise specifically includes instrument development, data analysis, data visualization, manuscript development, and group model building. Lindsay's past work "in the field" of rural and urban communities allows her to approach research through a people-centered lens. She holds an M.S.W. and M.P.H. from Washington University in St. Louis and a B.A. from the University of Kansas.
Photo of Lindsay Elliot Jorgenson
Photo of Renee Pualani Louis
Renee Pualani Louis
Associate Researcher

I am a Hawaiian woman and an Indigenous cartographer passionate about Hawaiian storied place names, cross cultural ethical research standards, and advocating the integration of Indigenous spatial knowledge systems with Western geosciences. I believe Indigenous wisdom has long held steadfast in the margins of society. Our elders have watched in silence or were silenced as consumer driven economics ravaged our lands, waters, and skies. Academia and science has played an active role in ensuring the knowledge of our ancestors remained ghostly whispers. It is time to bring Indigenous voices front and center. It is time to move beyond the politics of science where recognizing those realities that lie beyond the realm of our senses is not a debate about belief systems, so much as an examination of alternative methodologies. It is time to acknowledge the multiplicity of experiences that contribute to our understanding of the world in which we live. Read more

Pat Oslund
Associate Researcher

Visit staff page for information.
Photo of Pat Oslund
Photo of Xan Wedel
Xan Wedel
Senior Research Data Engineer

Xan is the primary liaison for data requests received by the Institute from the public or members of the university community. Xan leads the Kansas State Data Center (SDC), a partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau. She also serves as web application developer and GIS analyst for the Institute. In addition to these duties, Xan advises students and researchers on data visualization techniques including GIS and coordinates the data compilation and visualization, programming, and production of the Kansas Statistical Abstract. Read more

Carlos Zambrana
Associate Researcher

Photo of Carlos

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