2018-19 Doctoral Research Fellows

Photo of Darlingtina Kenechi AtakereDarlingtina Kenechi Atakere
Psychology and Gerontology
Advisor: Tamara Baker (Psychology)

Atakere's research utilizes interdisciplinary methods to examine social determinants of health and health outcomes among older minority adults. A secondary interest of hers is the examination of the association of conceptions of relationality to the experience of care and obligation. At the core of her research is the application of a decolonial approach to the theories and practices of psychological science.
Photo of Matt ComiMatt Comi
Advisor: Paul Stock (IPSR, Sociology)

Matt studies social relationships in agriculture, food, and environmental systems. His recent work uses qualitative approaches to better understand the social worlds of genetically-engineered hybrid seed sales in conventional agriculture in the US Midwest. Matt is also conducting preliminary work on commercial beer foodways with a particular focus on yeast cultivation and hops-growing in global beer production networks.
Photo of Mariah CrystalMariah Crystal
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Advisor: Hannah Britton (IPSR, Political Science, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies)

Mariah's research examines women's roles during war and conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa and how gender was strategically deployed as a tactic of war. Her work analyzes women’s oral histories to better understand the experiences of women during war, the legacy of their experiences, and lingering challenges.
Photo of Nicole HumphreyNicole Humphrey
School of Public Affairs & Administration
Advisor: Shannon Portillo (IPSR, School of Public Affairs & Administration)

Nicole's research focuses on local government and social equity. Her current research focuses on exploring how social equity is conceptualized and operationalized by government officials, and the impact this has on the communities they serve.
Photo of Gregory LeungGregory Leung
Advisor: David Slusky (IPSR, Economics)

Greg's research is focused on health economics, the economics of drugs and risky behaviors. He is particularly interested in how policies on medical and recreational drugs impact public health and the economy.
Photo of Nicolas NatchooNicolas Natchoo
Curriculum & Teaching, School of Education
Advisor: Heidi Hallman (Curriculum & Teaching, School of Education)

Nicholas's research investigates the bearing which the introduction of Creole languages in the national curricula of multilingual and multiethnic islands can have on the way we approach curriculum theories. Using a postcolonial lens, that draws from critical pedagogies and cultural historiography, his research contributes to the work done in the field of curriculum studies for thinking about the educational systems of non-Western developing nations as democratic and inclusive spaces, where the recognition of long-considered minor forms of knowledges and experiences serves as a basis for transformative pedagogical practices.
Photo of Cassandra OseiCassandra Osei
School of Public Affairs & Administration
Advisor: Dorothy Daley (IPSR, School of Public Affairs & Administration)

Cassandra’s research examines the social, political, and policy factors that shape the maternal mortality disparity in the U.S. Alongside wanting to develop an intervention, she is interested in integrating Public Administration (PA) theory, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) frameworks to better understand the complex factors influencing the Black/white maternal mortality. disparity.
Photo of Courtney WiltCourtney Wilt
Special Education, School of Education
Advisor: Subini Ancy Annamma (Special Education, School of Education)

Courtney's research focuses on how multiply-marginalized students with disabilities experience and counter interacting oppressions, such as racism and ableism, particularly during the transition to adult life. She is concerned with building frameworks and practices that disrupt inequities for adolescents, and their families, by employing humanizing and decolonizing research methods.

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