KU Entrepreneurship Works for Kansas

The KU University Center — KU Entrepreneurship Works for KS — is a collaborative effort between the KU Center for Entrepreneurship in the School of Business and the Institute for Policy & Social Research at the University of Kansas. It is funded by a University Center Program grant from the Economic Development Administration with the U.S. Department of Commerce.


The KU University Center (UC) utilizes university assets to strengthen innovation and competitiveness in Kansas and the Midwest through unique and pragmatic programs in entrepreneurship, the biosciences, and technology. The UC leverages the university’s unique assets—faculty and staff expertise, student manpower, and informational resources, including GIS — to capitalize on economic enhancement opportunities. Specifically, the UC combines the entrepreneurial strength of the KU Center for Entrepreneurship with the information and policy resources of IPSR. The UC recognizes the advantages of collaboration and the opportunity for increased impact in its economic development mission by working with a wide range of university, local, state, regional, and national organizations.

Learn how the #EDAUnivCenters program at the University of Kansas has helped to improve economic conditions in Kansas and the Midwest.


RedTire, LLC
Addresses business shuttering in the rural Midwest by matching retiring business owners with successors from Kansas and other key colleges in the region.

Jayhawk Consulting

Provides low-cost consulting assistance to Kansas businesses facing diverse challenges.
Commercializing University Research through Entrepreneurship (CURE)

CURE focuses on early feasibility studies, technical validation and prototyping, and early market testing.
The Catalyst
A business accelerator with the Bioscience & Technology Business Center (BTBC) that provides student entrepreneurs with resources critical to success.

Kansas Regional Data Portal

Data portal that assists Kansas regions with their CEDs and other economic development decision-making and planning.

Other Data Resources
County Profiles
Kansas Data

Contact Information

Photo of Wally Meyer

Wallace W. Meyer, Jr.
Director, University Center and Senior Research Associate
Institute for Policy & Social Research
1541 Lilac Lane, 607 Blake Hall
Lawrence, Kansas 66045-3129
(785) 864-7583
Photo of Genna Hurd

Genna Hurd
Associate Researcher
Institute for Policy & Social Research
1541 Lilac Lane, 607 Blake Hall
Lawrence, Kansas 66045-3129
(785) 864-4618

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