Project Staff

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Our project staff comprise of a variety of faculty and staff members from across the country. We have representative from the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, University of Montana, University of Waterloo, Washington State University, and Western New England University.

Photo of Mary Hill

Mary c. Hill

Lead Project Investigator

Photo of Christie Holland

Christie Holland

Project Manager

photo of Jonathan Aguilar

Jonathan Aguilar

Agriculture Team, Lead

photo of Vincent Amanor-Boadu

Vincent Amanor-Boadu

Agriculture Team
Economic Analysis - Integrated Modeling Team, Lead
Energy Team

photo of Peter Pfromm

Peter Pfromm

Ammmonia Team, Lead
Water Treatment Team

photo of Ted Peltier

Ted Peltier

Water Treatment Team, Lead

photo of Hongyu Wu

Hongyu Wu

Energy Team, Lead

photo of Robert Barron

Robert Barron

Global-scale Impacts Team, Lead

Benjamin Gray

Engagement and Public Policy Team

photo of Susan Stover

Susan Stover

Engagement and Public Policy Team, Lead

photo of John Symons

John Symons

Resilience Team, Lead

photo of James Bloodgood

James Bloodgood

Business Innovations Team, Lead

photo of Andrea Brookfield

Andrea Brookfield

Water Supply Team, Lead

photo of Sam Zipper

Sam Zipper

Water Supply Team