Center for Environmental Policy

The Center for Environmental Policy seeks to understand the forces driving the formulation and implementation of environmental policies and the effects of these policies on the regulated community and other relevant decision-makers, in addition to other types of environmental protection efforts. Center-sponsored research projects focus primarily on humans' decisions, thus, the projects draw strongly upon the expertise of social scientists while adding the expertise of other disciplines, such as law, engineering, history, and a variety of natural and physical sciences.

Current Projects

The Center facilitates working groups on particular environmental topics: water quality protection and coordinates with the Center for the Study of Injustice on the KU Food Research Group.
KU Food Research Group

Additionally, the Center is home to the Biofuels and Climate Change: Farmers' Land Use Decisions (BACC: FLUD) project, with funding from the Kansas NSF EPSCoR program. The BACC:FLUD project aims to research farmers’ decisions to grow crops as feedstocks for renewable energy production ("biofuel crops"), and farmers' adaptation to climate change.


Dr. Dietrich Earnhart, Director, Professor of Economics

Faculty affiliated with the Center for Environmental Policy include:

Dr. J. Christopher Brown, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies Program
Dr. Dorothy Daley, School of Public Affairs & Administration
Dr. Bonnie J. Johnson, School of Public Affairs & Administration and Urban Planning
Dr. Jay T. Johnson, Department of Geography, Director of Center for Indigenous Research, Science, and Technology (C-FIRST)
Dr. David Mechem, Department of Geography
Dr. Joane Nagel, Department of Sociology, Director of Center for Research on Global Change
Dr. Belinda S. McSwain Sturm, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Dr. Stacey Swearingen White, School of Public Affairs & Administration and Urban Planning

Recent Events

Conversation on Community-Driven Food Research
November 16, 2018

Center for Environmental Policy

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