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Racial profiling of Latino immigrants influences indigenous, non-indigenous families differently, study finds
KU News - Fri, 7/28/2017

Immigrant detention centers referred to as family centers but resemble prisons, researchers find
KU News - Tue, 7/11/2017

Report: Immigrants on Temporary Protected Status more civically engaged
KU News - Tue, 6/27/2017

Professor receives Carnegie Fellowship for research on immigrants, legal status
KU News - Wed, 4/26/2017

Negative media portrayals drive perception of immigration policy, study finds
KU News - Tues, 12/6/2016

Immigration scholar to address race, immigration issues in meat-packing industry
KU News, Wed, 11/14/2016

Distinguished professor to explore families, societies left behind by migrants
KU News, Wed, 10/26/2016

Study highlights crucial ethnic majority-minority divide in Kyrgyzstan
KU News, Wed, 8/22/2016

KU symposium kicks off public programming for new Center for Migration Research
Lawrence Journal-World, Mon, 4/4/2016

U.S. migrants returning to Mexico face challenges, strain the system
KU News, Wed, 1/20/2016

Report: Newer generations of immigrants learn English quickly, are less likely to commit crimes
Omaha World-Herald, 9/22/2015