Advisory Board

Photo of Cécile AccilienCécile Accilien
Associate Professor, African and African-American Studies
Photo of Hannah BrittonHannah Britton
Director, Center for the Study of Injustice, Institute for Policy & Social Research
Associate Professor, Political Science and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Photo of Marta Caminero-SantangeloMarta Caminero-Santangelo
Professor, English
Photo of Bartholomew DeanBartholomew Dean
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Photo of Donna GintherDonna Ginther
Director, Center for Science Technology & Economic Policy, Institute for Policy & Social Research
Professor, Economics
Photo of Gary ReichGary Reich
Associate Professor, Political Science

External Board Members

Photo of Victor AgadjanianVictor Agadjanian
Professor, Sociology
University of California, Los Angeles
Photo of Cecilia MenjívarCecilia Menjívar
Professor, Sociology
University of Calfornia, Los Angeles

Graduate Research Assistants

Photo of Danny AlvordDanny Alvord

Danny Alvord is a PhD student in sociology at the University of Kansas. His research broadly utilizes a mix of qualitative methods to examine the cultural work surrounding political modes of incorporation and belonging. Danny is currently researching how media representations of immigrants have influenced the passage of state-level immigration laws. Additionally, Danny’s dissertation research examines how cultural frames get articulated through debates surrounding taxes.

Photo of Andrea Gomez CervantesAndrea Gomez Cervantes

Andrea's research interests lay on immigration, immigrant families, race/ethnicity, skin color, and globalization. More specifically, her previous work ranges from Latinas in higher education, immigrants' skin color and employment opportunities, and transnational motherhood. In her dissertation, entitled: "Mixed-Status Immigrant Families: Social Inequality and Agency in Family, Identity and Community," she investigates how structural inequalities of race, gender, and class affect mixed-status immigrant families (those with members that have diverse legal statuses in the same family) and how individuals face and negotiate these inequalities.

Photo of Natalie JansenNatalie Jansen

Natalie is currently using four waves of data from an area in Mozambique characterized by high levels of male labor out-migration to understand the impact that a man’s migration status has on the likelihood that his wife will experience domestic violence over time. She is also using those data to investigate the effect of maternal religion and religiosity on children’s immunization and nutritional status. In addition to her research on Mozambique, Natalie is also employing longitudinal data from Indonesia to study factors that affect child and maternal acute morbidity as well as child malnutrition. This research focuses on the role that maternal cognitive and participatory social capital plays on children's health outcomes and the impacts of Muslim mothers' regimented participation in Salat (regular prayers) on their own as well as their children's health.

Photo of Byeongdon OhByeongdon Oh

Byeongdon Oh is specialized in the areas of stratification, education, occupation, race/ethnicity, and quantitative methodology. He is investigating inter- and intra-ethnical socioeconomic disparity in Kyrgyzstan and the effect of men’s migration on women’s employment in Mozambique with Dr. Agadjanian. Byeongdon has studied the influence of socioeconomic background of family on educational stratification among adolescents in the United States and South Korea. He is currently exploring the impact of rapid expansion of higher education on intergenerational inequality using multiple datasets from developed countries. The common concern of his research is to reveal how undesirable socioeconomic inequality in our society has been aggravated and reproduced. Methodologically, he is interested in longitudinal and multilevel models.

Affiliated Faculty