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Index of Economic Health

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Each indicator and the index are designed such that high values indicate economic vitality.

Indicator 1: Per Capita Market Income Index

Graph of Per Capita Market Income Index
Market Income (MI) is defined as total income minus transfers. This indicator compares a state or county's per capita market income to that of the U.S. as a whole.

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Indicator 2: Unemployment Rate Index

Graph of Unemployment Rate Index
This indicator compares a state or county’s unemployment rate to that of the nation. A state/county with a lower rate of unemployment than the U.S. average will have a high score.

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Indicator 3: Labor Force-to-Total Population Ratio Index

Labor Force-to-Total Population Ratio Index
This indicator is meant to measure the share of the population that depends on the labor of others. Again this indicator is normalized using the U.S. labor force-to-total population ratio.

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Indicator 4: Transfers-to-Market Income Ratio Index

Graph of Transfers-to-Market Income Ratio Index
Indicator 4 measures the extent to which the population depends on external sources of unearned income (e.g., transfer payments) and is normalized using the national ratio.

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Indicator 5: Population Change

Graph of Population Change Index
Indicator 5 is meant to measure an area's population growth or decline as compared to areas of similiar population density. This indicator is bottom coded to zero to prevent negative values.

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Overall Economic Health Index

Graph of Economic Health Index
The overall Economic Health Index is the average of the four indicators and has the following implications for an area:
less than 85
   Very Poor Economic Health
   Poor Economic Health
   Average Economic Health
   Good Economic Health
greater than 115
   Very Good Economic Health

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